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 HELP WANTED: Guidance Counselors

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Viviana Boyer
Viviana Boyer

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PostSubject: HELP WANTED: Guidance Counselors    Thu May 19, 2011 4:55 pm

Job Title: Guidance Counselor
Job Description: A guidance counselor is responsible for helping students choose their classes, aid them in any personal or educational problems, and also to be there for any student for moral support. Also responsible for discussing future career options.
Job Requirements: Must be or must be over the age of 24.
Positions Available: Three (Freshman, Sophomore, Senior)

HIRED: Ms. Kiara Delanquar - Juniors Guidance Counselor

Interested? Fill out the application below, and it will be reviewed. You will know within three days if you've been hired.


[b][i]Name[/i][/b]: (Last, Middle, First)
[b][i]Birthday[/i][/b]: (Month, Day, Year)

[i][b]Last Grade Completed[/b][/i]: (Junior, Senior, College Freshman, etc.)
[i][b]Degrees[/b][/i]: (If any. Associates, Bachelors, etc.)
[i][b]Previous Job Experiences[/b][/i]:

[i][b]Desired Position[/i][/b]:
[i][b]Why You Want This Job[/b][/i]:
[i][b]Why You Deserve To Be Hired[/b][/i]:

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Kiara Delanquar
Juniors Guidance Counselor
Kiara Delanquar

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PostSubject: Re: HELP WANTED: Guidance Counselors    Thu May 19, 2011 8:32 pm

Name: Kiara Alexandra Delanquar
Birthday: (August, 31, 1980)
Age: 30

Last Grade Completed: Senior
Degrees: Bachelors in English and Psychology
Previous Job Experiences: Previously taught Psychology, and was a Teen Guidence Counselor for younger kids in camp while also in high school.

Desired Position: Juniors Counselor
Why You Want This Job: I want this position to help those younger then I and put my Psycology skills to practical use. I love teaching, but I want to actually do what I have been preaching. I like kids, want to be a resorce they can use to get through this part of there life.
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HELP WANTED: Guidance Counselors
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