A boarding school where no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
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 HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe

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Viviana Boyer
Viviana Boyer

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HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe Empty
PostSubject: HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe   HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe EmptyThu May 19, 2011 5:18 pm

Job Title: Waitor/Waitresses, Dish-Washers
Job Description: Waitor/Waitresses are responsible for taking down orders, serving the food and clearing and cleaning up the tables. Dish-washers are responsible for washing all of the dishes and silverware, and making sure they go back in the proper spot. Also responsible for making sure the cafe never runs out of plates and utensils.
Job Requirements: Must be the age of 16 to work as a waitor/waitress. Ages 14-18 may work as dish-washers.
Positions Available: Waitor/Waitresses - Three, Dish-Washers - Four

HIRED: Zienna Becker

Interested? Fill out the application below, and it will be reviewed. You will know within three days if you've been hired.


[b][i]Name[/i][/b]: (Last, Middle, First)
[b][i]Birthday[/i][/b]: (Month, Day, Year)

[i][b]Previous Job Experiences[/b][/i]: (If any.)

[i][b]Why You Want This Job[/b][/i]:
[i][b]Why You Deserve To Be Hired[/b][/i]:

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Zienna Becker
Zienna Becker

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HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe Empty
PostSubject: Re: HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe   HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe EmptySun May 22, 2011 10:02 pm

Name: Zienna Mae Becker
Birthday: August 13, 1994
Age: 17

Grade: Junior
Previous Job Experiences: None
Desired Position: Waitress

Why You Want This Job: I like to be around people and I'm a friendly person. I'm always cheerful and have a smile on my face. I tend to be shy sometimes but I'm hoping with this job it will help be come out of my shell completely. I like to be active and having this job will give me something to do and give me a taste of the real life, and what it's like to work.
Why You Deserve To Be Hired: I deserve to be hired because I'm hard-working, do everything to the best of my abilities, and I never give up. I correct any mistake as quick as I can and I always work with a positive attitude.
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HELP WANTED: Percy's Cafe
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