A boarding school where no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
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 Basic Rules!

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Viviana Boyer
Viviana Boyer

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Basic Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules!   Basic Rules! EmptyWed May 18, 2011 5:26 pm

I know everyone hates them, but there has to be at least some guidelines for how this site runs. PLEASE DO READ THESE BEFORE JOINING DREAMSCAPE ACADEMY. BELIEVE ME, I WILL KNOW IF YOU DON'T.

When you sign up, please make your name your characters first and last name.
NON-ACCEPTABLE: iLovEme101 or awesome1234
ACCEPTABLE: Christina Flynn or Sean Carpenter

*IMPORTANT* This is taking place in the year 2011. Students will be placed in their appropriate grades based on their birthdays, NOT BY AGE. Any student born in the year 1993- September 1st, 1994 will be going into their Senior year. Students born after September 2nd, '94-1995 will be going into their Junior year. Students born after September 1st, 1995-1996 will be going into their Sophomore year. Students born after September 1st, 1996-1997 will be going into their Freshman year.

This is a boarding school, I expect things like drama, fighting, love, sickness, parties, etc. But please do keep in mind that there might be younger people on this site. If a thread is to have 'explicit' material, put a warning in the subject of the thread.

As for teen pregnancies - if you want something like this to happen, PLEASE PM ME FIRST. I will make my decision then if I want it on this site of not.

Please, do NOT GO INTO DETAIL with 'sexual' acts. Kissing, making out, cuddling are all acceptable. I understand teenagers on here will be sexually active. Just please, be as tasteful as possible. You know what I mean, use your best judgement.

When posting, do make things interesting. I get that everyone has their days where their 'muse' is low. Give at least a eight sentence post, it's not that hard. Just go into detail about your characters emotions, their surroundings, their thoughts, that they're wearing, etc. It makes posting a lot more fun.

You can have as many characters as you want on this site, just please make sure that they are all active. I will check each one. From time to time.

Be respectful of your language and what is said on here. Swearing is acceptable as long as it's not used frequently and gets out of hand. This site is meant to be fun and not to offend anyone. If you have a problem with something someone is saying, please either PM me or them in a polite way. It will be handled with accordingly.

No out of character conversations during the thread unless its to point something out or something along those lines.

NO CHARACTER IS PERFECT. I want everyone to understand this, PLEASE. Your character might be very physically attractive, but don't bore people with your excessive reminding of it. Everyone has their flaws, and this site is meant to be as realistic as possible. Also, NO GOD-MODDING.
Example of god-modding: "Jerry walked up to Ben and pushed him down, laughing as he fell and scraped his knee. He continued to laugh as the boy burst into tears."
I do not want to see any of this. Please and thank you.

If you are still interested in joining the site (which I hope you do!) please do. First thing you should do after joining though is, post your celebrity claim and post your profile. Please wait for approval before you begin posting. You will know you have been approved after your profile is moved from the applications list. Thank you!

Any other questions, feel free to PM me!

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Basic Rules!
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